Plans 4 Home Extensions Drawn 4u in the Midlands

4 Clear Design Stages 

Design Element Stage Breakdown


Right from the start PWF Midlands will visit your property to ensure your project receives the correct Professional Advice.

CALL me Paul Flannery on 01902 787600 or 07947 792873. for a FREE NO OBLIGATION ON SITE ASSESSMENT.

You can also Email to arrange your FREE NO OBLIGATION ON SITE ASSESSMENT.

Within 24 hours of PWF Architectural Services visiting your property you will be provided with a written quotation for the preparation of a set of Design Drawings, which upon receipt of your approval the 4 Stage Design process can proceed to Stage 1 

STAGE 1 Survey & Client Consultation 

In order to prepare Plans for the project and for subsequent consultation it will be necessary to carry out an existing survey of the client property.

The Existing Survey Drawing/s will record where applicable all the elements of the existing building that will be affected by the proposals, and where required an indication of the associated boundaries and general level of the adjacent ground. The survey will also include if required existing elevations that change as the proposals are introduced for review and comment by the client.

Where possible, drainage facilities existing on site will be recorded for verification by the Building Contractor upon commencement of site works. Upon receipt and acceptance by the client of the Existing Survey Drawing/s, Stage 1 will be complete and the project can proceed to Stage 2.

STAGE 2 Feasibility Design Drawings

This is where I visit you the Client and review your requirements and basic  project intentions against the Existing Survey Drawings. Once I have your initial thoughts a Draft Feasibility Sketch Design is prepared and amended if required, as further thoughts evolve on the scheme. The finished Feasibility Designs are completed to your satisfaction and measured against current * Planning Approval guidelines to move towards making the necessary Planning Application. 

STAGE 3 Planning Drawings

Subject to the requirements of * above, the client will be provided with a copy of the Planning Submission Drawings for approval prior to formal submission to the LPA. 

Upon receipt from the client of approval to submit for Planning consent and provision of the required LPA fee deposit payment, PWF Architectural Services (the Agent) for the Applicant (client) will formally submit Plans and requisite details to the LPA for Planning Consent to carry out the proposals as described on the applications forms and accompanying documents.

Upon receipt of an acknowledgement form the LPA that the application has been accepted as a valid application and registered, Stage 3 will be complete and subject to a satisfactory Planning Consent being obtained, the Project can progress to Stage 4

STAGE 4 Building Regulation Drawings

Following submission to the LPA for Planning Consent, Building Regulation Drawings and supporting documents will be prepared and submitted to the Building Control Department / Approved Inspector, for formal approval of Design and supporting documents to comply with current Building Regulations at the time of submission.

Should the supporting document require Specialist Structural or Project related Consultant documentation to be submitted, the client will be provided with details and Consultant Fees for approval, prior to completing the formal application.

Upon receipt of a Building Regulation Consent, Stage 4 of the the Project will be complete. Speak to Paul as you may want to use one of my other Services


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